Freddie Mercury Tributes

Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the rock band Queen, totally incomparable. A consumate performer, a vocalist without peer, with a range that defies all in the popular music world. As a songwriter, he composed many Queen's biggest hits, and therefore, some of most popular songs of all time, including "We are the Champions" and "Bohemian Rhapsody".
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Freddie.. THANK YOU SO MUCH for absolutely everything you have given me.. from music to moral support.. just every little thing you've ever sent my way... I love you so much and I know that you're my guiding force, if not god. <3 *Goodbyes will never be said.. I will meet you once, and again.* Love always and forever, Danielle
Danielle | on
thank you for being here on earth,freddie...

and thanks for your voice and all your fantastic performances...

the world is missin' you!

I'm only one of them....
freddiefan inke | germany on January 04, 2011
Desde a minha adolescencia que adoro o grupo Queen especialmente Freddie Mercury com a sua voz e actuações inesqueciveis.

Ninguem te substituirá Freddie !!!

Éstarás sempre no meu coração!!
Leonor | Portugal on January 30, 2011
Freddie it is 2011 and we are still listening to you this is when you know you are truly amazing and I hope you knew you were since you started.
Zorlic | United States on January 26, 2011
Happy birthday in HEAVEN dear Freddie! Miss yah!! Hope you have a great party up there! You probably will, because you're a great rock party animal!!!
Marjon | Holland on September 05, 2010
Freddie, I love you. I loves Queen. You were the amazing person. You are my authority. I wish that I was born only in 1996 ;/

I still love you, my love of my life.

You know, Life is Real...
Ola Pawlak | Poland on August 23, 2010
dear freddie,we still love you

queen rocks
tarik | morocco on August 20, 2010
You the love of my life. Love you forever.
Liz Williams | South Africa on July 10, 2010
Freddie is my hero. His music has been with me through the dark ages of my life.


I still love you
Olivia | Australia on May 15, 2010
Freddie- You have been a true inspiration to me, and a million others, and you have impacted my life like a fantastic asteroid. I'm sorry, though, to say that I was only six months when you passed away. And I didn't know till a couple of months after I bought my first album. I can't say that I'm your biggest fan, but I think I'm pretty d*** close! I love you, and look up to you in every way.
Jesse | USA on
QUEEN ROCKS! I miss you Freddie. I love you
Sieren | USA on
We shall meet on day darling!!!
Enjoli Taylor | USA on
Another thank you. It was such pleasuring to review my albums after this long, and consolidate you as the greatest.

6-April 2004
David Costa | Portugal on
Darling, I love you forever, don't forget it. You're still the best!
Blanche-Neige | Switzerland on
I just want to say that I am a BIG fan of Queen.I ABSOLUTELY ADORE Freddie Mercury.I am only 13 years old,if any of you are wondering.But Freddie,we will NERVER EVER forget you.We will ALWAYS LOVE you.
Kristine Villa | USA on
I think queen is a clasic band that will never be forgotten .I am really sad that I couldn't be in one of their shows (I'm 16 years old)

Freddie had a great voice and I only wish to play the piano like he did.

it's sad that that HIV took him from us but like he said:

~~~Show Must Go On~~~
Michal | Israel on
I just wanted to say that I bought my first queen LP in 1977 when I was 11.I´ve grown up with Queen music as a background to my life.Waiting to hear the latest single,rushing down to he shops to buy the new LP,with a great deal of luck seeing the band on TV(all in the days before video).All of these very fond memories for me.Even now more than a decade after Freddies death so many things that I do in my life are done accompanied by Queen music.Thank you very much.
Anthony Lambert | Germany on
he brought magic into our lives and will never be forgotten. although people come and people go specail people stay and freedi is that person who will not jst stay in my heart but everyone elses too.
sharleen | england on
Goodbye Freddie You Will be missed,

let's hope that the surviving members manage o.k when they go on tour this summer!
James Starbuck | England on
My romantic Freddie, my body language it's you. Votre voix innonde mon coeur et ma tête. L'admiration que j'ai pour vous est immense et il en sera toujours ainsi. I WANT YOU FREDDIE BULSARA again, again, again...
Annick | France on