Freddie Mercury Tributes

Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the rock band Queen, totally incomparable. A consumate performer, a vocalist without peer, with a range that defies all in the popular music world. As a songwriter, he composed many Queen's biggest hits, and therefore, some of most popular songs of all time, including "We are the Champions" and "Bohemian Rhapsody".
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Dear angel, Freddie I love you !
Miss Galileo | on
"mamma... if i'm not back again this time tomorrow carry on, carry on!" we'll carry on!we'll keep on listning to your wonderful songs!

thank you dear!!
| on
Beautiful Freddie, si seulement j'avais pu vous rencontrer, je vous aurais dit combien je vous admire et vous aime, c'est-à-dire follement. Pas uniquement en tant que chanteur mais aussi en tant qu'homme. Vous êtes si exceptionnel darling. Votre amie française qui vous adore.
Annick | France on
w naszych umyslach jestes wieczny. kochamy cie.
pawel | poland on
Missing you heaps freddie, thanks for the beautiful music You'll always be a big part of my life. ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sara | Australia on
The best singer i have ever heard.
Alex | Romania,bucharest on
Freddie, var det du som skrev the show must go on?

det står inte i texthäften vem som skrev vilken låt. men en sak vet jag! jag älskar den låten!

men var det du som skrev den låten? handlade den om din kamp mot din sjukdom och hur du hela tiden höll skenet uppe trotts att du visste hur illa det var? det kom som en stor chock för världen när din kamp tog slut, det är mer än tolv år sedan nu men jag sörjer dig fortfarande. Jag var inte mer än ett år gammal då du dog och jag önskar att jag någonsin hade haft chansen att se dig i verkligheten eller njuta av din musik innan du försvann. Men jag föddes i slutet av en era, den era som tog slut när du lämnade oss.

Du kommer alltid att finnas kvar hos oss, vad som än händer.
bananatree | sweden on
vær lige sød at sætte noget musik ud.....
siv | danmark on
Hier soir j'ai découvert le film de Billy Wilder : "Certains l'aime chaud", j'ai adoré. C'est un très bon film, très rigolo. Je sais que vous l'aimez aussi. Je vous envoies tout mon admiration et mon amour sincère mon Romantique Freddie. Votre amie pour toujours.
Annick | France on
Freddie, I someday hope to be even half as loved as you are in the music world. Your voice is amazing and I hope someday to sing like you. I am in a band called Emerald City. All of us are willing to dedicate our lives to music. I want to be just like you, man. You are the most amazing musician I know of. You are The Voice, and you are my idol.
Benton Allen | USA on
Freddie was a great singer in the whole world. Nobodyelse has the great voice as his. I could listen to his music over and over. Million have said what they feel. I felt the same as you guys, miss him, love him which he were with us. I cried so much reading Freddie's tribute. Sleep well my dear.
SU | Thailand on

Annick | France on
sorry that Freddie Mercury died. It so sad that a

god died. He has such talent and movement.He touches my soul deeply. I love to sing his songs

and dance to the beat.God bless you.


Dana Trosky

dana trosky | on
hello Freddie! i love you so much Bijou. ive been very depressed the last few days. im going crazy! i cried myself to sleep most of the time, and i dont really know why. i mean, i can think of why im upset, but the reasons seem stupid. i dont know myself anymore really. except my love for you and the boys. i just need to try to relax......well im going to leave now, ill be back again later, probabaly tomorrow. i love you. hi to all the Queenie1 hi jem! good to hear from you too! love you Bijou, yours forever~queenfan
queenfan | on
I hope you are haveing fun in Heaven. I MISS YOU AND I LOVE YOU!!! Freddie,dear, your music has helped so much! Guess what? I have become a member of the Queen Official International Fan Club! I am happy!

Oh and Queenfan, you said you were going to get all the Queene DVDs that you can? I recommend Live At Wembely (i dont think that is how you spell it lol). It is GREAT!

And Jem, you can Email anytime you want. I would like to hear from you.
Sieren | USA on
Freddie defied rock n' roll. he is greatly missed.... but truly loved.
Mell | Canada on
You have to know when to leave the scene - invincible

Shining like a diamond among trash

To be a mystery that no-one can solve before time is out
Happiness is not easy to be found... But I found it because of YOU, Freddie. I love you.
You were the best, you are the best! I'm listening to Innuendo, it's bautiful! Don't Try So Hard Freddie, because you live in your fan's hearts! There's a lot of these hearts... I know...
Unknown Artist | Poland on