QueenZone.com Community Recognition

The Queenzone Community Recognition Program is a way to recognize each person’s contributions to the QueenZone community.

There are many different ways to add to the community, including:

There will be other ways to contribute as more features are added to the site.

The program is very simple. Various activities on the site have points associated with them, and when you perform an activity you will receive that many points.

Here’s the current set of activities and points for each:

Location Activity Description Points
Forums Reply You reply to a thread started by another member 1
  AnswerPost Your reply is marked as the answer 10
FAQ Comment You submit a comment for an article 1
Content Submit an Article from a magazine or newspaper You submit an article which is accepted for the home page 10
  Create Original Content You write and submit an article that is accepted for the site 100
  Suggestion You submit a suggestion through one of the suggestion boxes on the site 1

(Q) Can I lose points?

Yes, but only in the event that one of your contributions needs to be removed for some reason.

(Q) Can I find out where my points are coming from?

Yes. A new tab called "$QZ " has been added to your profile, and that tab shows your points total that you have earnt.

(Q) Won’t some people try to manipulate the system?

Maybe, and where we determine that is occurring we reserve the right to either deduct points or ban the account.

(Q) Will you be expanding the set of activities that points can be earned from?

Yes. Over time we expect to expand this list of activities.

(Q) Where can I see the listing of the members with the highest points?

You can see the members chart .