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What things are NOT allowed in the QZ chatroom?
I keep getting asked to identify to nickserv with my nickname and password, what is this about?
When I enter my nick I keep getting asked to identify and then it changes to guest - why?
How do I change my nickname?
Why are there operators in the chat?
Can I have a private chat in the chatroom?
I can't enter chat - Help!
How do you join The Queenzone chatroom?
How do I register my Queenzone chat nickname?
What is the channel of the chatroom?
Why do certain people have spiders next to their nick and are different colours?
How do I enter the chatroom via mIRC?
How do I change my password?
Who runs the chatroom?
How can I become an operator?
Are there regular chat times when there are lots of people in the room?
How do I download the program mIRC ?