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I'm just wondering what plugins, effects, and things some of the others who tape here use.

Most of what I use are a mixture of the default Reaper plugins, and, surprisingly, Magix plugins.

Though, there is a "Fxpansion D.Cam Compressor" that I use sometimes, I don't really compress very hard with it, if anything, the compressor is barely doing anything, it just.. sort of adds.. something to the sound, since it's not a transparent compressor. But I sometimes add that to my recordings.

For the most part, it's ReaEQ, sometimes ReaXcomp, which is a multiband compressor, the Magix eFX Limiter (sometimes), and sometimes the the Magix Am-Track, Am-Pulse, Am-Phibia plugins. My main master plugin is Magix AM-Munition. Though, I've been yelled at a few times for pushing my limiter too hard, though when I listen to them, I think they sound good. Sometimes, depending on how it sounds, you may need to push the master quite hard, just cause of some oddities in how the recording ends up, my Video Games Live recording ended up.. rather odd, had to push the master a lot harder than I expected to have to, but the music sounds good at least.

Attached is an example of the waveform in some of the recent remasters I've been doing, I don't work in Audition (anymore) I use Reaper completely now. Audition is nice to look at waveforms and generally edit soft bumps if possible, or if there are any issues that need a very fine tooth comb. For the most part, that's not really needed though.

Nightwish - The Greatest Show On Earth. Studio version is a 24 minute epic. It was played in it's entirety for the Wembley Arena and Tampere shows which were both released on BluRays. Plus a bunch of clips from random shows on the tour, including Rock in Rio where Sonata Arctica's Tony Kakko joined them on stage. That was cool.

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I use:

Sony Vegas Pro12: - fades, normalize, synch A/V Good plugin for synching A/V : plural eyes
Audacity: - reduce handclaps and other unwanted noise. All manual. No declicker or anything
Izotope Ozone: - EQ-ing, Compression, enhancing etc.
Cd wav editor: track splits
Foobar2000: tagging
dbpoweramp: wav to flac conversion
sometimes: Har-bal (EQ-ing)

That's about it I guess.