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Before the movie i listenend to Dont Stop Me Now a lot. I knew the lyrics, i was obsessed with the song. I just really loved it. I knew the songs: the show must go on, we are the champions, we will rock you, bohemian rhapsody, its a kind of magic, i want to break free and under pressure, but i had no idea that it was all queen that made the songs. So i was listening to dont stop me know the whole time, having no idea that they had more amazing songs. I knew that the man from queen died from aids but i didnt know what he and the band looked like. If i would see him i would remember because i saw the videoclip of dont stop me now on the tv a few years earlier. I just had so many songs in my playlist (police, the doors etc.), that i forgot about going deeper into queen. In the time of the movie, my friend told me about that she saw a movie about queen. That was the moment that i remembered that i should take a look at more queens songs. I had that idea in my mind before i saw the trailer tho but the trailer was an extra reason. I discoverd all the songs that i already knew in queens albums. I started listening to killer queen, good old fashioned loverboy, great king rat, innuendo, play the game, my fairy king, fairy fellers master stroke. Songs like that. I discoverd that bohemain rhapsody isnt overrated but actually a really good masterpiece. I think about queen all the time. I cry over freddies death a lot. And it wasn’t because of the movie because i hadn’t seen it yet and after the movie my love for queen didnt increase because i was already on that point. But i mentioned that things were different in the movie.The main reason of going deeper into queen was because of my friend mentioning it and the trailer played a role too. Im so dissapointed in myself for not listening more of queen sooner. Its so weird because i have so many 70s songs in my playlist. How could only one song of queen be in there? I don’t see myself as a fake queen fan. How did you guys get into queen and do you consider me as a fake fan because i became a die hard queen fan in the period of the movie, without having seen te movie?

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I had heard Queen before i became a diehard fan, actually first heard them in middle school. In my choir class, my buddy suggested we do Bohemian Rhapsody for an act, he showed me the song, and i immediately rejected it saying we should do "'Can't Help Falling In Love' by Elvis.

Now note that now i am rather young approaching my late teens, so I'm from the 2000's not earlier. Now thankfully, Dad had a spanning oldies music collection, but absolutely no Queen. So i hadn't had the faintest idea who they were until that day. And still, i saw them as average ok Rockstars. Later on my cousin showed me Bohemian Rhapsody again, now i kinda heard their name often, this is around 2016.

Over the years almost near the end of 2018, I knew who Queen were, heard couple of songs, WWRY, DSMN, WATC, saw them as legends due to public music culture, but still saw them a long haired rockstars with no names. THAT'S UNTIL i saw the movie soundtrack on Spotify, and gave it a listen, and man.... I FELL IN LOVE! I played them on repeat and repeat and repeat, and i realized the BoRhap movie coming out soon, and was hyped for it.

When I entered the theaters, I knew absolutely nothing about the band, just about that the lead guy's name was Freddie Mercury, and when i exited the cinema, I was still singing TSMGO in my head. And did i think i know everything about them. Yes i did. And Looking back, man was i wrong. The movie is really innaccurate in many ways, might i say FBG in 1974!?! and Rock In Rio in 1977?!? but anyways, the movie impacted my life, i was struggling with self esteem and Fred seemed so true to himself and didnt care for what others had to say. Now im very outgoing and everyone loves me now. In over a year i have researched and heard so much Queen, i believe i know too much now.

Queen has honestly changed my life, and even though i became a diehard fan during the movie period, i believe it depends on whether you're a fake fan or not. A Fake Queen fan would be such as one who says they know a lot about Queen, love Queen with all their hearts, and after a short while completely ditching them for something as lets say getting "SUPER" into Elton John because of the 'Rocketman' movie or The Beatles cause of 'Yesterday', both of those are great artists, im not saying otherwise, but if you're just following an artist cause of a "trend" or cause its "relevant", then thats a fake fan. If you only really focus on the actors of BoRhap, then you're their fans, not a fan of Queen. You might like Queen but you're not a fan if so.

Back then lets say the end of 2018, barely getting into Queen, even though i called myself a fan before, i wouldn't say i was a true one then, but developing to become one. If I'm a true fan now, I believe you're a true fan.

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Early 1991 when Innuendo was released they got my attention.
Then when The Show Must Go On was a single, October 1991, I became a fan.

A month later Freddie died. I was shocked but too young to fully understand it (8 y/o at the time)

That's 28 years ago.

Time flies...

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I think you are right to say so. Your share is great, I found a lot of things in your post

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MOTBQ and Melancholy Blues were songs that I heard after listening to the platinum collection for over a year. After those two songs i was hooked.

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I'll give you a clue. I was and 12 and "There can be only one!!"