Freddie Mercury Tributes

Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the rock band Queen, totally incomparable. A consumate performer, a vocalist without peer, with a range that defies all in the popular music world. As a songwriter, he composed many Queen's biggest hits, and therefore, some of most popular songs of all time, including "We are the Champions" and "Bohemian Rhapsody".
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Thank you so much Freddie, you does me, you does me good, as in the song My baby does me, you does me good so many years...I'm staying in good shape of spirit, when I'm down, when I hear any one of your beauty songs, I feel better, and I have strenght.

Thank you, you are the only one....
Vladimir Antonov | Bulgaria on September 04, 2011
Knebworth Park..25 years rocked..i was there..
alyson | england on August 31, 2011
I miss your smile, I miss your voice

why did you leave? You had no choice.

I miss your eyes, so brown and bright.

Without you, there's no more light.

I love you Freddie. Happy early Birthday.
Rachel | USA on August 29, 2011
l've been a Queen fan for three years and QUEEN are the coolest band to hear. l'll never forget them because FREDDlE's forever the KlNG OF ROCK!!!! CHEERS EVERYONE.
ALlSON CLARKE | NEW YORK ClTY on July 19, 2011
I remember first discovering Queen from my dads record collection, and his air guitar displays as he rocked to your music.And that was me, hooked! I have many memories of a young me in primary school with my mates roxanne and robbie singing your songs, and inspiring us to set up our own band! Those were the days!

You were and are a true legend, love you Freddie!xxxx

lucy jane gough | antrim, northern ireland on July 18, 2011
Cos these are the days of our lives...

They've flown in the swiftness of time...

These days are all gone now but some things remain...

When I look and I find no change...

I still Love you...I STILL Love you, Freddie RIP

Shirley | England on June 02, 2011
Dear Freddy,

You're alive until we remember you. It means forever! We love you and we miss you so much...
Nurru | Russia on June 01, 2011

there was no better artist in the history of modern music than you. Your fantastic voice, your extraordinary stage show, your talent and your music will never be forgotten.

It's still a shame that Freddie died far to soon.

Thank you for all the fantastic stuff, you left to us.
Harald Mausa | Germany on May 31, 2011
Freddie è indimenticabile e insostituibile per tanti motivi. Dal punto di vista artistico, era insuperabile non solo come cantante ma anche come compositore (e pianista con un tocco particolare), arrangiatore,frontman, ballerino-coreografo con movenze duttili e variate, molto attento all'impatto visivo, insomma un artista completo, totale, assolutamente unico.Al di là della trasgressione (vita promiscua, sregolata, spericolata, frequente nel mondo dell'arte, che non ama porsi limiti)però, è stato anche umanamente grande: persona sensibile, generosissima, mai prevenuta verso gli altri. Dal punto di vista sessuale, era più orientato all'omosessualità ma in realtà amava e apprezzava anche le donne e le capiva forse più di tanti etero maschilisti. E poi vogliamo mettere la sua tenacia, il suo coraggio, il senso di responsabilità per il suo gruppo e il suo lavoro? E la riconoscenza e l'amore verso i fans? Sentimenti che i fans hanno subito capito e ricambiato profondamente. Freddie Mercury, un uomo e un artista ineguagliabile. Per questo sei e resterai sempre nei nostri cuori
Lily | Italy on May 28, 2011

And when I go away

I know my heart can stay with my love

It's understood

It's in the hands of my love

And my love does it good

My love does it good

And when the cupboard's bare

I'll still find something there with my love

It's understood

It's everywhere with my love

And my love does it good

My love does it good

Only my love holds the other key to me

Only my love does it good to me

My love does it good

Don't ever ask me why

I never say goodbye to my love

It's understood

It's everywhere with my love

And my love does it good

My love does it good

Only my love does it good to me

LUZIA | BRAZIL on April 20, 2011
I still love you!
Lisa | US on March 24, 2011
It's 2011 Freddie and we are still listening and talking about you!

*You my darling are right up there with ELVIS!

I wish you were here to know -

* They are making a major motion picture about you and Queen

*The musical "We will Rock You has been running for 9 years

*My 67 year old mom and dad now consider you the best vocalist ever!

*That We will Rock you and We are the champions have become legendary at sporting events around the world particularly in the United States

You are both one of the most appreciated and under rated artists of all time! Your range, creativity, magic and talent are timeless.

FYI. Queens Platinum collection is selling and it's pure perfection!

We all wish you were here and can only imagine what kind of magic you would have whipped up today.

Rest in Eternal peace as your legend lives on...
Amy Hayes | USA on April 10, 2011
I will never forget you my king...... I love you

REST IN PEACE.........
LUZIA | BRAZIL on February 21, 2011
You're the best.Forever!
Monika Horna | Czech Republic on April 26, 2010
freddie es un hombre que esta en mi mente y en corazon yo sigo enamorada de el aunque no este,es el mejor cantante del mundo no hay ningun hombre que lo pueda reemplazar,todo el tiempo pienso en el veo sus dvd,cd,y no puedo creer que este muerto,en sus videos se le ve tan fuerte,sexy,no se le veia artifial cuando cantaba se eia arrogante que ere parte de su personalidad muy franco.yo lo adoro afreddie muchas veces me he soñado con el,lo raro que en 3 sueños que tuve mi pidio que rezara por el eso me da mucha pena porque se que su alma pide ayuda para estar tranquilo talvez me pidio a mi porque todo el tiempo pienso en el y no acepto su muerte estos sueños han aumentado la admiraracion que siento por el lo amo.quisiera saber donde esta sus resto se que lo cremaron pero no se donde podria visitarlo si yo iria a londres,tener alguna prenda de el lo podrian vender por internet creo que seria lo maximo,lo que falta en sus dvds es mas entrevistas a freddie son muy escasas talvez podrian incluir mas entrevistas,conversaciones de la banda,momentos familiares de freddie algunas filmaciones de sus ultimos momentos que les decia a sus fans muy poco se sabe de el,las biografias que la saquen tambien en español seria muy bonito
shirley del castillo castillo | peru on
I heard "Keep Yourself Alive" on the radio today, and it made me really happy. Thank you.
Cadence | on
Hi Freddie, sorry i dont have much to say today except i love you!
Sieren | USA on
Hiya my darlings, i no i havent been on here 4 awhile. But when i went to me hair cut on thursdsay Bo Rap and Radio ga ga came on z fadio. I satred to sing.

Anyway freddie gues wot me new nickname is............. Little Mercury. funnie ah. i miss u soooooo much im goin to c your home on saturday. ill leave some flowers mate ok.

If ur 13-18 and u are aqueen or freddie fan send me a eamil on thankx.

Hi jem.

Love u all my darlings. And my 1 love my bijou. Freddie. Love u xxx xxx

racahel cullen | engalnd on
hello my dears!!!! bk again yayyy , i dont know why but some of my previous msg's haveny been going thru to be actually posted :( , queenfan , hello my luvly!! you can email me if you wanna talk ,im sure i can try n cheer you up :( sieren i shall email you tomorrow if i can find ur addy :) im sur ei have it somewhere , nice to be back dears , missing you all as ever , alwayz and forever urs freddie , jem* xxx xxx xxx
jem | eng on
Hi Freddie,dear, I love you and miss you soo much! Today I am feeling much better then yesterday.

Hi to all my Queenie friends. I love you all

Sieren | USA on