Freddie Mercury Tributes

Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the rock band Queen, totally incomparable. A consumate performer, a vocalist without peer, with a range that defies all in the popular music world. As a songwriter, he composed many Queen's biggest hits, and therefore, some of most popular songs of all time, including "We are the Champions" and "Bohemian Rhapsody".
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Hi freddie! I LOVE YOU MOR THAN YOU CAN EVER KNOW! your my biggest fan... i was only 5 yeras when you past away, but know i really know how much you ment to the world and to me now...which you were here today so we can ALL CAN HEAR YOUR WOUNDERFUL VOISE AGAIN!!!!! Much of Love and hugs Christoffer from Sweden!!!

Keep rokin' the heaven Freddie! =)
Christoffer Rorland | Sweden on
siempre te amo.
Evelyn | venezuela on
Je pense sans cesse à vous Freddie darling, votre gentil minou "Delilah" a bien eu de la chance d'avoir connu la douceur de vos bras. La chanson est d'ailleurs si belle. Votre admiratrice française pour la vie.
Annick | France on
Ok Freddie, i'm following your advise; i'm getting free, keeping passing the open windows, not suicide, playing the game of love, letting you entertaining me, forgetting all my duties oh yeah!, getting down and making love, and...carry on carry if nothing really Freddie keep singing on heaven, any way the wind blows.
Gabriel | Argentina on
Freddie i don't think i have enough words to say how i really feel. Thanks for the beautiful memories you will always be a part of my life.

you know who i am thanks freddie!

| on
hello luvs. hi jem and sieren, ive missed you all. hi Freddie. how are you luv? jem im actually alot better, but i wasnt really too upset before. just alot of hectic-ness, (if that's even a word!) and that sort of thing. but its all turned out just fine. Freddie i miss you dear. im so happy. ive found another fan, who i actually met face to face with! usually all my fan friends are online, so you can imagine how happy i am right now! well, i havent got much else to say except that i bought 2 new CDs, but i couldnt find live at Wemb on dvd, so im still waiting to get that. o i cant wait to see you performing. it will be the first time you know..... ooo it makes me cry to think of you! i love you my Bijou! yours forever~queenfan
queenfan | on
Hey freddie! I hope angels aren't jealoused of your voice up there! ALL FOUR OF YOU WERE, ARE AND WILL BE THE BEST!!!
celine | france on
HEY Peeps Freddie was the best damn singer in the world LOl hehe..WE LOVE U FREDDIE X0X0
erica mcphee | canada on
Hi Freddie, I was just reading on this site all of the contraversies about your lyrics, etc., what do they really MEAN? I am of the opinion , honestly, that lyrics did not come easily to you, unlike the tunes.......So I believe that the words that you wrote were basicaly just "filler" (sorry, dear) & that the music was your passion. Of course you could sing ANYTHING and sound fabulous with your God-given voice.Love and miss you every day, I think of you always, my Freddie, OUR Freddie, you are beloved. Love from another Little Queenie, your Alex
Alexandria Abbott | USA on
I just can say that you're simply the best!

my dear, I love you... from the deep of my heart!

I'm fighting to survivor. you make me feel strong with your song and your voice! thank you so much for everything....I learned by you that THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!
Ghi | Bologna on
I wonder if you can hear us, Freddie. It is a wonderful world because you made it better - enough for me.
Aquila | Poland on
I love you Freddie darling. Vos mélodies me remplissent de bonheur, je ferme les yeux et je suis si heureuse. Je ne pourrai plus jamais me passer du son de votre voix si magique et de vous mon Rudolph Valentino.
Annick | France on
I watched Live At Wembley yesterday. You were soo great!! I miss you. You are always going to be loved and missed. I love you,Freddie!!
Sieren | USA on
Freddie is the best mucician I ever have heard and he vill forever go one he is like the sweatest ting !! I love your music Freddie
Jarle | Norway on
I love you Freddie and i love Queen so much that it hurts.

Your music has don so much for me.

Thank you....
Siri.S | Norway on
I think freddie was a great singer and i have deep regrets that he could not be with us his music will never be forgotten and his voice will inspire thousands some day
Chris | canada on
Freddie Forever

i miss you

in love
Madleen | Germany on
Freddie Mercury forever

you are the one and only

i love you ;-)
Madleen | Germany on
Freddie you are the best

I love you
Madleen | Germany on
What can I say, only the good die young! Thanks to Freddie, Roger, John & Brian for all the great music. You've all been with me for 30 years, longer than any man and I still love you all - See you when I get up there Fred xxxxxxx
joanne loomes | UK on