Freddie Mercury Tributes

Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the rock band Queen, totally incomparable. A consumate performer, a vocalist without peer, with a range that defies all in the popular music world. As a songwriter, he composed many Queen's biggest hits, and therefore, some of most popular songs of all time, including "We are the Champions" and "Bohemian Rhapsody".
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I have to write it or I will go crazy! I'm happy Freddie~, I'm probably the happiest girl in the world - life seems so wonderful when you are in love... keep your fingers crossed for me:) !!!

Rory | Poland on
Freddie you are immortal. Your music is part of my life. Always with me... forever
Paata | Georgia on
I cannot express the feeling I get while listening to those legendary Queen songs. Queen means genius, Queen means sheer emotion.

Freddie left us too soon, and will always be missed.
Pascal Mercat | France on
i think that freddie was like an burning star and anyway he couldn't make forever.that wasn't in his character.anyway for he was like best friend and even if i didn't know him at all(and i missed 1 concert in my country cause of money)anyway i think i lost my best pal!me and my mother just go crazy when listen to queen!i got sick by freddie after my mom!isn't it cool?love,kristi
kristina pella | estonia on
love you!!!!!!thank you for all the songs,talent,voice and happiness you brought into my life!!!!!!
dina | croatia on
Pour moi Freddie Mercury est une légende, un mythe. J'aime Queen depuis plus de quinze ans. Il avait une imagination débordante et continu même si son absence me pèse beaucoup à me faire rever. Bravo à Brian et Roger de faire vivre queen et merci pour tous les moments de bonheurs que vous m'apportez.
SAYON | France on
I'm missing you everymoment. I love your music. Thank you Freddie, I love you.
Marie | on
freddie was a good man who thought thuogh meny hard times i love his songs and i think he rocks luv me
tracey | on
My band recently won a talent contest doing a tribute to Queen, we rocked but were obviously no-where as good as you. You are a god and my idol. my biggest regret in life is being born too late to see you live. thankyou for inspiring me.
IAN | UK on
Freddie has been my hero since my childhood. I`ve have heard his music only after he died. In general I would say that his songs were simple and yet very powerful and that he had his own distinctive style and manner of performance. His shows onstage were supremely exciting and it seemed that his verve and energy were limitless. It is a great shame that he has passed away and a grate loss because he is irreplacible. Life of Farroh Bulsara was like a flight of comet -blinding and very short.
Alibek Oralbaev | Kazakhstan on
To me, Freddie is a legend. He has touched my heart, and my two best friends(Christina and Caitlyn). We listen to his music, and his wonderful voice and we hear the most touching sound. He's inspired us to sing, and to love music the way we do. He's given us hope for the future, and he's taught us not to care what people think about us, and our actions. He's showed us the true meaning of music, and how to adore it, and we really miss him. We love you Freddie, and you'll always be in our hearts.

Ashley | USA on
There was no one like you. With your songs you really touched my life. I really love youu.

You are a kind of magic for me.
marylin | mexico on
Thank you for the music.It's the best.
Tomy T | Hungary on
I can only be a devoted fan or nothing.FREDDIE and his band QUEEN are my best friends,a sort of family.THERE'S NOT another band to be compared to them.Their style and music is timeless.In many ways Queen are my teachers,given ME a reason to 'hang on in there' and on with the show... no matter how bitter a bitter pill can be they got me through some awful times. Freddie's myth will never windle off.

love from Belladonic haze
lurex | Italy on
sempre te ouvi!ainda hoje...a night at the opera with you... it's such a pleasure to hear you!your voice and your lettersare forever! thank you
lia | portugal on
thank you Freddie!
l sous | on
When I watch you on videos I can see a lot of me in you and I try to be such a great man as you were. If you can read me, please visit me in my dreams.

Your love


Anders Persson | Sweden on
Dear Angel Freddie! I hear your voice listening to Queen CDs every day. I cannot last a day without your voice. You are still the greatest singer and entertainer! The more I hear yours, the more I want to. Thanks a lot for great joy and happiness from you! I believe that you also move God so deeply with your voice in heaven.
kazumi | Japan on
Freddie darling, comme j'aime votre voix ! comme je vous aime ! mon Rudolph Valentino.
Annick | France on