Freddie Mercury Tributes

Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the rock band Queen, totally incomparable. A consumate performer, a vocalist without peer, with a range that defies all in the popular music world. As a songwriter, he composed many Queen's biggest hits, and therefore, some of most popular songs of all time, including "We are the Champions" and "Bohemian Rhapsody".
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I owe you so much, my love... see you in heaven!
bananatree | sweden on
hi freddie i just want you to know no matter what happens the show must go on. i love you so much and hope you are happy where you are right now.i didnt meet you very well but i know that you were a wonderful and kind man. my father tells me it didnt matter to you who you sang matter what you will always live in my heart.the SHOW MUST GO ON no matter what happens. i love you freddie stay safe where you are!!! your biggest fan charlotte.E.gillis
charlotte | canada on
Freddie is with no doudt one of the best singers in the world. I hope his music will live on forver. Freddie Rules!
Princeofcats | on
Freddie is the best singer ever. I love you Freddie. I miss you.
Sieren | USA on
miss you freddie, see you in heaven my bijou
bananatree | sweden on
Freddie ti adoroooooooo!!!! my dear I miss you so much...
Ghi | Bologna on
Hi Freddie, have you noticed a common thread with a lot of these posts? I have, it is that not only are you admired as a great artist, but also that so many feel that no one loves you as they do..... What a tribute to you that is! I admit freely that I am one of those, you know I adore you & think of you daily, dear Freddie. It is clear that you will NEVER be forgotten, you will live on & on for generations to come. Even as I type this I know that little Queenies are being born all over the world, so I guess that makes you a father! So I do not claim to be your biggest fan, there are many others who would argue with me about THAT, but I am just happy to believe that you receive these heartfelt & lovely messages. I know that when you were here on earth it was probably a bit overwhelming & sometimes annoying, of course you wanted to gaurd your privacy. But you were always gracious to your many fans & I know many cherish that memory......Now that you are in the spirit world I know that this seems so primative & shallow to you, but I also know that you understand, & you will welcome each of us when we join you! Dearest, dearest Freddie, let us cling together as the years go by.....Love always from your Alex
Alexandria Abbott | USA on
Unfortuatly i was too young to see you in concert. I missed out on a great show. I love you, Freddie.
Sieren | USA on
I Think freddie is one of the Greats...and he will live in my heart forever. I think Brian,Roger and John are fab...and they should release some singles !

Freddie i love you...Your a kind of magic !

Love ya

Me xXx
Mrs.Badguy | Cornwall,England. on
Freddie.. your great voice melting every single audience in Queen's concerts.. you're the greatest influence for the world and absolutely for me.. Queen would never be that BIG without your vocal, piano, lyrics, and your trully entertainership... good by good old fashioned lover boy.
afgrie | Indonesia on
One things is true: I still love you Freddie! You're the sunshine of my life, you're just THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!!!Can you heard me? I hope you're happy in Heaven and that you're can see me.

Your darling.
| France on
Hi Freddie,dear, I love you!

I went to a dance yesterday and took one of my Queen CDs. They playeed one song from it.
Sieren | USA on
I live with hope and I believe that one day I meet you. You'll be always in my heart.

Thank you for your wonderful voice. Stay with us forever.Angelika form Poland
Angelika | Poland on
I don't know freddie that much to give an oppinion about him.

I just know the great queen music and the facinating songs they composed.

What they did is never gonna be forgotten!

And their show must go on!

We will rock forever.
reza | Iran on
From Freddie Mercury...

...We miss you!

I want to see you in heaven!Now God is very

happy, because you are with He!

Kisses from you ...

...Freddie Mercury.
Darilha Soares | Brasil-Säo Paulo on
freddie you are the best and i love you too much you're my HERO
izzo | on
Sono cresciuta con te, Mi sarebbe piaciuto vederti almeno una volta dal vivo, ma ogni volta che ho bisogno di te e della tua musica mi basta cercare nel mio cuore.Sarai sempre con me, affezionatissima Silvia
Silvia | Italy on
Hello,Freddie,my beautiful angel!I just wanna say that you are still the greatest human on Earth(heaven),the best performer and singer.I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!I think about you all the time,you will live in my heart FOREVER.If anybody fell the same,please e-mail me!
biggest fan | slovenia on
Dear Freddie! Even though I have said "I love you" many times, I want to say "I love you" again and again.

I love you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kazumi | Japan on
Arianna | on