Freddie Mercury Tributes

Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the rock band Queen, totally incomparable. A consumate performer, a vocalist without peer, with a range that defies all in the popular music world. As a songwriter, he composed many Queen's biggest hits, and therefore, some of most popular songs of all time, including "We are the Champions" and "Bohemian Rhapsody".
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ME: "I haven't got a heart, dear Freddie, my whole heart belongs to you"

FM: "Why don't you take another little piece of my heart?"

Aquila | Poland on
Freddie was an always will be loved a miss. You are an isperation to us all and we will never forget you.
Sieren | USA on
hi Freddie. im only on here for a minute, just to tell you i miss you. (like you didnt already know that! hehe) i love you very much dearie. ill be back later to actually write something of substance... sorry im so boring today! hi to all the Queenies. hi sieren,jem,tiina,sara, and everyone... love you all! bye Freddie, ill write later. love you Bijou! yours forever~queenfan
queenfan | on
I love you Freddie.You will be in my heart forever.I adore your voice. Voljet cu te zauvijek!Jednom si rekao da te ljudi zapravo ne poznaju,da zapravo vole tvoju vanjštinu,ali ja se osjecam kao da te poznajem iznutra.Volim te iznutra jer znam da se tvoja unutrašnjost topi kao maslac.I will always remember you.
Ivana | Croatia on
Hi dear,as you must be aware,i never left you...That's impossible,you're in my heart,in my blood,in my dreams;really i think am not living anymore,YOU are living in me!What else can i say?No words!LOVE YOU FOREVER,MR.WONDERFUL GUY!
Mercia Mercury | Brazil on
Wonderful the song "Say it's not true", from the Mandela's Concert (46664, part 1), for AIDS awareness !
Lily from Italy | on
Viva Queen,euy!
roy | on
Freddie the one and only... No one can sing like him. He was the king, and for me he always will be...
Richard | Sweden on
When i first saw them or heard the band in early

1975 i was only twelve years old and didn't have a musucal taste. After hearing Killer Queen i thought i saw The light and became fan for the rest of my life. A lot of bands which i like and respect now are all related to queen somehow.
Jan Jaap Bruijn | Netherlands on
Inside my heart is breaking!My make-up may be flaking but my smile still stays on!I'll top the bill,I'll overkill.I have to find the way to carry on,the show must go on.

Freddie rest in peace!
biljana b | Montenegro on
I love QUEEN end Freddie.
marcos | Brazil on
Freddie I love you!! I miss you!! I was only 7 years old when you died, and I did not know who you were intill 2000 (i think) and did not become a big fan intill resently. You have helped me through alot and you are an inspiration to us all!We love you!!
Sieren | USA on
I am a young queen fan but as i listen to r+b and wonder why this can be called better music than the songs you made famous.It is unbelievable good music has been taken over by fast talking. you are a legend!!!
Joe Geoghegan | Bexley England on
Kate | Poland on
hi tengo 14 años y adoro a freddie mercury y a roger, me gusta mucho queen y su musica quisiera tener contacto con mas fans del mundo.

por favor alguien responda a mi correo asi sea en ingles.

psdt.i want photograpies
camila clavijo | colombia on
Hi Freddie,

I just wanted to thank you, for the most best music ever written in history. I am only14 years old now, but I started litsening to you when I was 12. That's how I was when I fell inlove with your music and I will never forget the insporation you have given me and every other Queen fan who will never stop listening to you. My band will be called Forever Mercury. (correction)for band name. Well I love you and never forget to listen to the wise man. Mercury live on!;)
Samantha Alvarez | USA on
Euge | on
E' da tempo ke nn faccio un salto da queste parti e a dirla tutta mi mancava quest'aria di famiglia. "Caro io e te ogni volta ke stacco tutto x tornare a lavorare perdiamo il contatto strettamente musicale, ma fortunatamente riusciamo ad ascoltarci su altre frequenze. In questo periodo sto in una fase di rilascio, nel senso ke vorrei solo staccare la spina, poter tornare a casa, e magari sentirti in cuffia x riuscire a vederti come solo io riesco a fare...mi manki!"
King2080 | Italy - Sicily - Bologna on
Freddie, it doesn't matter "How our music changes through the years" You've yet to become a background noise, and never will be. You knew it right from the beginning... you are a legend, and legends live forever.
Larry | USA on
Freddie the first time i heard your voice i was astounded. all i could think was "Wow, That is absolutley amasing!" I'm not a person of many words when it comes to things like this (useually you'll find it hard to shut me up!) But all i really have to say is "Freddie you are an inspiration to us all, and as the rest of you fabulous band mates (you are all fantastic!) "No one could reach them, No one But you" i love you Freddie Mercury. You truely are the king!"
Chelsea | England,UK on