Freddie Mercury Tributes

Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the rock band Queen, totally incomparable. A consumate performer, a vocalist without peer, with a range that defies all in the popular music world. As a songwriter, he composed many Queen's biggest hits, and therefore, some of most popular songs of all time, including "We are the Champions" and "Bohemian Rhapsody".
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He's now singing to God and the angels.

I think it's fair,(this sort of voice in heaven)but we miss him a lot!
mariela | Brasil on May 21, 2004
Every time I hear Freddies voice its takes my breathe away. I miss him so much, it Breaks my heart knowing his gone. I will always love Frddie and Queen forever.
loiuse | Enlgand on May 21, 2004
Hi Freddie, guess what? I was framing a poster of you & the boys & my kitty walked right over to it, sniffed around & then touched noses with YOUR photo! Clever boy, he knows who loves the cats! Missing you always, think of you often Mr. Bad Guy! Love from your Alex
Alexandria Abbott | USA on May 21, 2004
Damn you, Fred! You captured my heart when I first time saw your video 'Radio Ga Ga'. I was about 6-8 years old then. Now I'm 21, but I still love ya and I think this lasts forever cos' you're simply the best and you're just only one... Kaip sakoma, tikra meile niekada nemirsta; mylesiu tave ir tavo dainas amzinai, my love...
Giedrius | Lithuania on May 21, 2004
Oh Freddie darling I love you so much!
Annick | France on May 21, 2004
Hello Freddie,

everybody hope you doing allright and enjoy.

Freddie we miss you veru much.

With love Michal
Michal Nosil | USA on May 20, 2004
Freddie Eres el mas grande que existe en mi mente. sin tu musica y tus letras en mis oidos no se que hubiese sido de mi. NUNCA dejare de Agradecerte la forma en que marcaste mi vida desde niño y en la forma de como ese gusto se convirtió en PASION.

Gracias Freddie.

TE AMO!!!..

Christian Arbulú Viso | Lima - Perú on May 20, 2004
This is probably my third post but freddie ive been reading these posts and i never could imagine how many teenagers my age love you just as much as if do. I mean there is no biggest fan we all love you with all the amount of love in our hearts so i guess that makes all your fans your biggest fans. I get so happy when is see people on tv talking about how great you were. I mean i even went and saw ella enchanted just to hear her sing somebody to love.

Just to know people still love you fills my heart with joy. Youve saved so many peoples lives and god only took you so he could have a real angel next to his throne. I will admit though i have yelled in anger at him for taking you and i have cried every night i love you and i want so much to join you at those pearly gates i just hope theres room up there for me to meet you since you will probably still be wanted by all you darling
lauren naples | United States on May 20, 2004
Do you have any idea what it feels like to have seen love

To have seen on your TV screen and watched every move it makes

To let your eyes just wander round in awe of his grace

The passion provoked in every step

Fists in the air costumes and big hair

History being made before my eyes

A beauty no one can imagine

The dark silk smothers me

Those eyes discover me

I want to reach out for the hand I long

Knowing fantasy is my only way

Such a heart that filled others with joy

Such pose Such Beauty Such grace

Not a better man to say “Darling”

Or parade around on stage

Feet stomp and hands clap

They raise their arms high in the air

A soft note that quivers my heart

A stream of tears runs down my face

There is no way this love can be replaced

I yurn to much what I cannot have

I see beyond the fame

Do you have any I idea what it feels like to have heard an angel

To have heard there words that make your life all right

Nothings ever made me cry and brought me up at the same time

My prayers seem not to be enough

Wings that fly on cigarettes and champagne

No ones ever made these things sound sweeter

I’d love to be serenaded for just a minute or two

But god seems to ignore my call

He wants my hero for his own

He’s taken our only piece of heaven on earth

And turned it into sweet memory

I need not condolence

Just magic to turn back the clocks

I’d give it all for one moment by your side

Even if my love was denied

It be worth it just as the same

I only wish he could have been saved

But I know in my heart he’s watching down

With that long red robe and golden crown

Waiting for more time to shine

To see us all be loving and kind

He looks down and sees our faces

Admiring all he does

I’m sure heaven is amazing even more than it was before

Because no matter what the press may say

Freddie Mercury is still the one I adore

I believe no filth or misjudgment

I only believe what I see

And what I see is a man

A man who has changed the world

Turned it upside down

Made us all believe

That love is the answer and a good soul is the key.

By: Lauren Naples

lauren naples | USA on May 20, 2004
I love you so much. I listened to most of Queen:Greatest Hits 1,2 & 3 yesterday and some today. I miss you!
Sieren | USA on May 20, 2004
Queen's music makes me come alive. Freddie's voice draws you in to make you listen to him. I have never heard such a voice as unique and gorgeous as his. The whole band was made up of pure genious from all the members. As a singer, myself, I continually watch their videos and listen to their music. Freddie has taught me to put all my emotion into my singing. That is the only way to make people truly understand what you are singing about. Thanks Queen! You've helped me to absolutely LOVE music.
Ashley James | USA on May 20, 2004
FREDDIE TI AMO...........
Angelica | on May 20, 2004
Hej.... I just can't stop thinking about you Freddie. Oh, you're so the best in I want to break free!!! banaatree? Hey! How old are you?
Hanna | Sweden on May 20, 2004
Ciao Freddie volevo dirti che:" Eternamente vivi dentro di me ed eternamente vivrai nei sogni di coloro che hanno potuto sfiorare la tua immensita. A te perche il nostro amore duri x sempre.
Melina | on May 20, 2004
Dear Freddie! When I hear your voice and your beautiful piano, my love for you always fills my heart and also overflows. I want you to appear in my dream somtimes. I will feel terribly happy to see you even if in my dream. I love you so much! You are LOVE OF MY LIFE!
Kazumi | Japan on May 20, 2004
Freddie is, withought a doubt, the best singer ever. I still love you Freddie! Thank you for the beautiful music!I miss you!
Sieren | USA on May 19, 2004
I have listen to you all day long, because your voice is so wonderful. I really want to have a DVD or something so I can look at you when you are preforming live, I have never seen that! Only a few videos.. I want to see you live! Kram o puss
Hanna | Sweden on May 19, 2004
Me gustaría agradecer a todas las personas q escriben aquí, su tributo. me encanta. jamás pensé encontrar a gente con tanto amor por Freddie.yo no llegué a conocerte pero me siento muy afectada por el "síndrome Queen".mis amigos piensan q estoy pasada...ignorantes. las buenas cosas no se deben perder. sé que soy joven, pero si no continuamos mostrando tu música al mundo, quién disfrutaría de las sensaciones más dulces y sinceras de esta realidad??
Pilar Zorrilla | Valencia (Spain) on May 19, 2004
Hi Freddie. I have to say that I´m very commoved for all of this tributes.(Do you know that a lot of person around the wordl loves you?) I started to listen your music when I was a little child (near 3 or 4 years old). I couldn´t meet you but it doesn´t mind because you entered in my heart since the first moment I heard you.your songs have the hability for create feelings in all of the people that listen you. PERMANECERÁS SIEMPRE. Who wants to live forever??
Pilar Zorrilla | Valencia (Spain) on May 19, 2004
THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!! and that was only you Freddie I may only be 13 but your music will live on in me forever and for many over people i can't say im your biggest fan as that would be gredy but i am one of your great fans. Thank-you for bring us your music to us and changing the world we are all greatful. bye bye Freddie stay safe and we all love you!
Jodie | England on May 19, 2004