Freddie Mercury Tributes

Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the rock band Queen, totally incomparable. A consumate performer, a vocalist without peer, with a range that defies all in the popular music world. As a songwriter, he composed many Queen's biggest hits, and therefore, some of most popular songs of all time, including "We are the Champions" and "Bohemian Rhapsody".
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first of all queen are very rich in their style their music has a wide spectrum and for freddie he was as we all know an incredible frontman, a very smart man and a true, i'm sad he had to leave but at least he won't suffer anymore from that horrible disease he got unfortunately, we'll never forget you freddie, you're the best!
tarik | morocco on October 20, 2012
I saw a guy throwing roses to the crowd after one of the best rock and roll shows I have ever seen.

Who was this guy I remember thinking.
arcadia | usa wisconsin on October 09, 2012
Freddie, I have never seen you when you were alive. I was too small and our country was occupied by soviet union. But I grew up and we broke free. As though I have never met you, I admire you, your incredible talent, never aging music you made. Watching your videos makes me feel like you were still among us. To be honest, I think I just fell in love with you, when I suddently started listening to Queen music not so long ago.

Freddie, we miss you, we still love you nd will never forget!
Agne | Lithuania on October 04, 2012
Always thought Freddie was a great singer. Really like his music.
mitch soutor | united states on September 23, 2012
Hi freddie .....

im listenin' to WINTERS TALE

im havin fun..lots of fun ..just listening to your songs .

you know freddie we all here wish we could have a time machine .... Goin back to 70s ..i never saw those days but at least im luckier than the peaple who died before those days !!

hope to see u soon my KING..
parva | Iran on September 14, 2012
Back in 1985, i was in the IQFC, i used to write to Jacky Gunn as she was known in those days. I sent to her a Freddie Postcard (Milton Keynes '82), i asked her to ask Freddie if he would be so kind enough to sign it for me.... and yes he did. It still is one of my treasured possessions. God Bless You Freddie, you was my idol when i was in my teens, and you will NEVER be replaced!
Backchat 69 | United Kingdom on September 13, 2012
Freddie freddie freddie ...where can i start ?...

you werent just the greatest singer ever , to most of us you are an idol .....

i thought peaple can never change each other but after i listened to your music im a compelet different person changed me into a happy girl who is tryin to live her life to the fullest ..whenever i hear your magical voice

“i feel like a millionare”...i know you are rockin the heaven n havin fun up there....we still love you :x :x :x
Parva-going back... | Iran on September 12, 2012
I was 23 when Freddie died. It was in the days before the internet and I found out from a friend via telephone.I spent the next few weeks in a daze. I had no idea that he was even sick. I worked in retail at the time and I actually cried in the stock room. I loved Queen from the summer of 1977 when I first fell in love with the song "We are the Champions" at the Skate Haven skating rink in Bham, Al. I followed Queen through thick and thin in the US and always bought their albums and CDs multiple times every time a new version or remastered version was released. I continue to fill my Ipod with the latest remasters of songs, b-sides and other rarities. I still miss Freddie-there will always be a hole in my heart that he occupied.
Forrest Proctor | United States on September 09, 2012
yeah i loved him more if he wasnt a mason
AdaM | england on September 07, 2012
happy bithday dear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u
ana | argentina on September 05, 2012
Dearest Freddie,

Still loving you and your fantastic voice and music after all these years. Both my parents (also 2 big fans of Queen music!!) are up there with you in Heaven now. I miss them very much, like I always have missed you. Forever in our heart.......
Coralien Mays | The Netherlands on September 05, 2012
Saudades, infinitas saudades daquele que nos ensinou o verdadeiro sentido da vida.

Viva para sempre, Freddie Mercury. o/
Diogo Bastos | Brasil on September 05, 2012
Happy birthday freddie simpley the best xxx
Sue snowden | england on September 05, 2012
Happy Birthday dear!

Even though you are far from us as though behind a mirror you still light our fire and shine your light on us, helping us keep on fighting.

Near as a caress though far as a star, you stay in our heart and help us get through our days.

I love you! Live forever!
Dany | Italy on September 05, 2012
Freddie I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday!
Caterina | Italy on September 05, 2012
Happy Birthday Freddie !!

I still love you...

Miss You..
Gingerlym | Argentina on September 04, 2012
You are the One! Words are empty without you! Happy Birthday!
Tunay Amishev | Bulgaria/Sofia on September 04, 2012
When I was younger, I had no clue of what music was. I had no knowledge of bands like "The Beatles," or people like "Jimi Hendrix." But yet somehow I was fortunate enough to know that Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, Bryan May, and John Deacon once formed a band named "Queen."

I would listen to what ever was popular, because I didn't really have a taste in music. But when I discovered the voice of Freddie Mercury, everything changed, and it gave me a new outlook on music, and it gave me my own taste of music. It opened up the world of music, which benefited my ears.

I can write on, and on about the man Freddie Mercury is, But I wouldn't have to. Listen to his music, and you will be able to understand him better.

And remember - Queen is the best band ever! Not even The Beatles can match up against them.
George Naranjo | United States on August 19, 2012
Long live Queen!
Ali | US on August 15, 2012
Amo a QUEEN, Amo a FREDDIE. Nunca existira una banda igual. Nunca habra en todo el mundo y el universo otro cantante como el!!
silvina | argentina on August 15, 2012