Queen Links

If you have a website and would like us to link to you, contact us . Only sites that offer something unique to the Queen online community will be listed here.

Bechstein Debauchery
Who wrote what and more
Mercury Paradise
Friendly fan site
Queen Archives
A huge collection of interviews and articles
Queen Concerts
The most detailed Queen concertography ever. Full of information about everything live
Queen Cuttings
The digital archive of Queen related cuttings, articles, from magazines and newspapers, from the '70s to today
Queen in Cornwall
All about the Queen roots in Cornwall
Queen Live Canada
Home of the Live Killer analysis
Queen Museum
Rare records and memorabilia
Queen Songs
From the Royal Legend people - studio info, song analysis, tabs & chords, sheets
Queen Vault
Adam Unger's unreleased back catalogue database
The Queen Encyclopedia
The Queen Hub
the site of the Queen hub
Alex Smirnov's Queen Page
Archive, info, pictures, mp3
Casper's Queen Site
Eternal poll, charts and much more
news, galleries, downloads
High resolution home made covers and wallpapers
Queen Captions Heaven
Fun site with loads of captions and other pictures
Queen Diary
Comprehensive and useful search engine for all Queen related events
Queen in Cornwall
blog about the connections of Queen to Cornwall
Queen On Stage
The home of the original silver pressed bootlegs
Queen Picture Hall
For collectors and fans: sleeves, picture discs, color vinyl and more
Queen PR Tour
Thomas Zeidler's tour page
Queen Rocks
Vinyl singles and other collectibles
Queen Videos
Comprehensive information about promotional video clips
Queen Vision
DVDs, Laser discs, picture discs, tour posters and more
Royal Legend
tabs, sheet music, studio info
Shane's Queen Site
Full of information and fun
The Queen Web Guide
Presents links to useful Queen sites
Ultimate Queen
biogaphies, statistics, maps, lists, quizzes