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Added on 04-Jul-2013

The MPT team has been working hard over the past months to merge into one site the contents of and Thanks to your support, the FFAD campaign has grown beyond our wildest dreams since its launch in 2010. You can now find everything from the fundraising activities that are taking place to how we are supporting projects in the fight against HIV/AIDS around the world, all in one place.  

The main features of the sites are still present: news on what people are doing to fundraise and project reports from charities funded by the MPT. There is also a brand new Get Involved section with a load of ideas on how to take part in Freddie For A Day, ranging from wearing something yellow right down to contacting your local authorities and organising a marathon. From Easy Peasy to Downright Complicated - there is something for everyone!

One new area that we are particularly proud of is the Blog section, where you will be able to read our official MPT and FFAD bloggers. Following the success of the Azafady blog last year, we have asked a further 5 charities to blog about their work, giving you a firsthand account of what is happening in the field. The FFAD bloggers are fundraisers who have shown amazing commitment and whom we have invited to share their fundraising plans and tips.

Thank you for making the Mercury Phoenix Trust and its Freddie For A Day campaign what they are. Here's to many more years of making fundraising fun and above all to supporting and funding AIDS awareness and education where it is most needed in the world.


Nick, Emma, Vicky, Claudia and Matilda

The MPT Team

Submitted by: Queenzone Ghost

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