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Added on 27-Jul-2013

A brand new YouTube channel - created specially for Queen fans, by Queen fans…Now Live!

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Queen’s archivist Greg Brooks and contributor/expert Gary Taylor have launched an exciting new channel on YouTube and invite fellow fans and collectors to join them in making ‘Rare Share: Queen Collectables’ the place to go to view and share Queen memorabilia from all around the world.

The channel will focus exclusively upon Queen and Solo related nostalgia, everything ever released, presented in concise video clips. This will be the band’s unique and fascinating history from the perspective of you the fans. There are thousands of wonderful items to get through, a vast array of treasures which they'd like you to be a part of. 

Anything rare and interesting in the name of Queen has its place on Rare Share. Be it records, books, boxed sets, posters, acetates, t-shirts, cassettes, coloured vinyl, CDs, toys, tickets, passes, tour programs, bootlegs or badges. Whatever it is you have, fellow fans will want to see it.

It’s not only about physical items of memorabilia. It could also be a concert, or an exhibition you'd like to review, or a convention, or a book signing appearance you attended. 

Gary and Greg have made a start with 18 newly created Features of their own, to launch with, and many more to follow. They cover numerous items that many of you won't have seen before. 

If you think you have something special or extraordinary that other fans would like to see, then share it, and start all kinds of debates rolling.

A comprehensive Guide (suggestions and tips for creating your own clips) will feature within the channel, but for now, in essence, your video should (ideally) be 2–3 minutes long, NOT contain any Queen music or video, and cover any rare or interesting or significant items you have. You can present it however you like. Try to be original, informative and entertaining. You can be serious or funny: whatever you think appropriate. 

This channel is for you: the fans and collectors. You decide what’s worth covering, and what’s not. You guys know this stuff better than anyone else, so you’re best qualified to present these rare gems. And don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so that you don’t miss the latest uploads.

The Rare Share: Queen Collectables channel is now live, so GB & GT are inviting you to start thinking now about clips you’d like to submit. Dig out your best and most beloved treasures and plan some films to share with likeminded fans all around the world. 

Go to and search for “Rare Share Queen Collectables” - You can also find us on Facebook @

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