News > ‘I don’t think those guys want to’: Adam Lambert nixes idea of a world tour with Queen

Added on 31-Aug-2013

Adam Lambert says fans shouldn’t expect any large-scale tour to follow his September debut in the U.S. fronting classic-rock legends Queen.

The band hasn’t traveled the world since 2008, when it did so with Paul Rodgers. Brian May and Roger Taylor had earlier mounted a huge tour in 2005-06 with Rodgers, their first since the late Freddie Mercury led Queen in the mid-1980s. There was also a Rodgers + Queen studio project called The Cosmos Rocks, in 2008.

The following year, Queen began what’s turned into a lengthy relationship with Lambert, when May and Taylor took part in the Idol finale. Since then, they’ve made a series of individual stops, but each of them was in Europe.

Lambert is now prepping for a first-ever stateside set with Queen, to be held next month at an iHeart Radio-sponsored event in Vegas.

That’s sparked some speculation that, if successful, Lambert + Queen might consider expanding their commitment into a broader U.S. jaunt — in part, no doubt, because Lambert himself didn’t tour in the states behind his most recent solo album.

Lambert nixes the idea, in this clip with Brett Andrews.

“I don’t think those guys want to do an 80-city tour,” he says of Queen. “They already did all that.”

Incidentally, Rodgers was also asked last year about the prospect of Lambert fronting Queen on a lengthy tour — similar to the two he undertook in the last decade — and the former Free/Bad Company singer said he was unsure if Lambert could withstand the intense pressure that would follow.

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