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Added on 26-Sep-2013

Having been in development for over three years, the biopic on Queen's Freddie Mercury has faced development hell. Most recently, it saw the long-attached lead Sacha Baron Cohen quit over creative differences. Now, Queen have discussed his departure.

Though initial reports suggested he was quitting because he hoped for an R-rated tell-all while the band members and their producers want a PG-rated film, the members of Queen suggest he was trying to make the film into a joke.

Speaking with Mojo, the band's Roger Taylor said, "We felt Sacha probably wasn't right in the end. We didn't want it to be a joke. We want people to be moved."

That statement is questionable at best (Cohen has proven his abilities in dramatic films more than once), but maybe Taylor is just frustrated. As he puts it, "I thought the music business was slow, but this has been like swimming in treacle."

Other actors rumoured to be considered for the role include Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe, though he recently shot down those rumours. Still, it looks like Queen and the film's producers are still working to get this movie made.

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