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Pre-order the new book "Diableries - Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell" before 10th October 2013 and you will be entered into a prize draw to win a copy signed by Brian May. Good luck!

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A Gothic Victorian underworld of temptation, seduction and devilish fun brought alive in 3D

An Englishman (Brian May), a Frenchman (Denis Pellerin) and an American (Paula Fleming) were united by a rare passion for collecting Victorian cards known as Diableries (translates as “Devilments”) and in their quest to resolve the many mysteries of the ghoulish imagery they wrote this fascinating book. 

What is a Diablerie?

A Diablerie is a special kind of stereo card with images of the underworld on them. A stereo card is a 3-D view printed on paper - they were first sold to the public in England and France around 1853, becoming hugely popular throughout the 1850s. Between Brian, Denis and Paula they have found all but two of the Diableries cards in existence and have brought them to the 21st century to be viewed through a modern day stereoscope, designed by Brian May, that he has named an Owl. The three authors present you with their extraordinary set of stereo cards (originally published in the 1860s) which they have collected over the years, and by looking through the stereoscope, supplied with the book, you will be mesmerised as the images are brought to life in 3D form. 

“It has been a labour of love for us all, and has taken us to places we never dreamed of. We hope, in these pages, to share this voyage of discovery with you.” Brian May

In 2009, Brian May published his first stereoscopic book, A Village Lost and Found, which contained a complete series of stereo cards taken in a small Oxfordshire village, and was a huge success. In this second book, he takes you on a darker journey to a fantastic imaginary underworld of devils, satyrs and skeletons. Brian and his coauthors explore the magic of stereo photography and the meaning of the image on each card is interpreted.

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