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Added on 02-May-2014

Brian May has said he would like the Freddie Mercury movie to be an “honest and decent portrayal” of the Queen frontman, but acknowledged it would be difficult to achieve.

May said the band wanted the biopic to “do Freddie justice” and be entertaining while remaining as truthful to the legendary singer’s life as it could.

He said Queen were taking a “hands off” approach to the film, which has been plagued with difficulty since Sacha Baron Cohen left the project last summer.

Cohen was said to have left the film because of “artistic differences” with the band members, who reportedly wanted to make a family-friendly film about Mercury that did not sex-up his past.

Speaking to London Live about the biopic, May said: “It has to have truth, it has to have humour, because Freddie had those qualities, and it has to be entertaining as a film. Now those three variables are not that easy to reconcile.”

“It bothers me actually, it bothers me, because I would like it to be one million per cent truthful.”

Skyfall actor Ben Whishaw has since been confirmed to play the lead role in the biopic, which will tell the coming of age story of the band, culminating in Queen’s headline performance at Live Aid in 1985.

The film ran into more problems earlier this year when director Dexter Fletcher left the project, also citing “creative differences”.

May insists Queen are taking a back-seat approach to the film’s production, which he says lies in the producer’s hands.

He said: “We’re a bit hands off to be honest. We have a great producer in Graham King and we talk regularly, but really the reigns are in his hands. And where we end up with actors and with technical staff and even with directors rests with him.”

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