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Added on 04-Aug-2014

Adam Lambert and Queen are embarking on their tour across the world and fans are eagerly awaiting the news of a visit to Europe, which has been hinted at previously.

While the North American leg has now finished, the group are preparing for a handful of shows including Korea before heading down under to Australia and New Zealand.

Taking on the role of frontman for Queen – in the absence of the late Freddie Mercury is American powerhouse Adam Lambert who has always said it’s an honour to do so.

In a new interview with the New Zealand Sunday Star Times, Adam has explained that stepping into the shoes of Freddie Mercury has given him an insight into what kind of performer he can be.

Lambert explained that the first few times he performed with the band he was “extremely apprehensive” because he found their legacy so intimidating.

“Freddie Mercury was such an iconic vocalist, a once in a lifetime star, and their songs are fabulous.” he added.

Commenting on Brian May and Roger Taylor he explained that they made him “feel comfortable” and confessed that “it’s making me a better live performer”, but has him looking to the future.

Talking about comparisons between him and Mercury he explained that they’re “both big, loud singers” but he believes it’s “important” to put his own stamp on the songs but without straying from the original version.

During the same interview Adam spoke about what he appreciates from a live performer and revealed that he loves other artists who bring melodrama to what they do.

“Sometimes the idea of camp confuses people in today’s media. They don’t always get the fact that melodrama can be fabulously entertaining.” he explained.

He added that he loves performers who go down that road, and have some conviction. Freddie was perfect at that, but some bands these days seem to have lost that.

Lambert added that “Queen helped create the environment” for “the costume changes, the dancers, the elaborate themed staging” because that’s what “modern pop music is about”.

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