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Added on 31-Jul-2018

From Lee Nolan/Thor Arnold some of Freddie's friends:

I am trying to publish a book with over fifty never-before-seen photos

of Freddie Mercury's time in New York City (1981 to 1983) and in London visits(1986-1991). Also, I have written chapters that recount Freddie, the down-to-earth, generous and caring man enjoying himself with his close American friends (of eleven years) right up to his unfortunate death. In his real life, Freddie enjoyed fitting in and just being "one of the boys" Early 1980's New York provided this for him.

The book is finished and being reviewed by a literary agent. Publishing this book as a "coffee table book" will cost a good amount of money.

This book is timed with the opening of the new docu-drama "Bohemian Rhapsody" which is sure to reignite interest in everything Queen and everything Freddie. A free, autographed copy by the authors (I have a co-author who was also part of our group of close friends in New York and beyond) will be provided for any donation over $50.00. This book will definitely sell, but a refundable donation (once the book is published, available and selling) can be provided.

The title of the book will be "Freddie Mercury in New York - Don't Stop Us Now!"

I thank any donators in advance who might help us to make this project become a reality. YOU are the Champions!

Link to donate:

Thor and Lee have shared some of their memories of Freddie in the General Discussion Forum.

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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