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About me: My name is Sharon Cooper I live in Abilene,texas. I have 4 children,Queen means alot to me.I have been married for17 years.

Activities: Gambleling.

Interests Any thing Queen or Freddie.

Favorite music: My favorite music, Anything Queen. I also like the Foos,and Shinedown.

Favorite movies:my favorite movies are The Omen,Braum StokersDracula,Interview with avampire.

Favorite TV shows: My favorite t.v. showsare That 70s show, Family guy.

Favorite books: Queen; The beging. The Freddie Mercury story.

Favorite quotes: Im just a musical prostitute,my dear!

    5/10/2010 1:07:00 PM
    I am a new member to  I really do not know how to blog.I am computer ilittrate. I have been aQueen fan for 36 years. I got to see them in concert in1980.Freddie is my idol. I have such respect and admireration for him....

Favorite band member:Freddie Mercury

Favorite Album:Queen II

Queen fan since:Sometime in 1975.

I became a Queen fan because:

My favorite Queen item I own:Their music and freddies voice and their live shows just everything about them

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