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Freddie Mercury Tattoo
Freddie Mercury Tattoo

Favorite band member:Freddie Mercury

Favorite Album:Queen I

Queen fan since:In my early teens, in the 1970s.

I became a Queen fan because:Freddie Mercury and their great music! Dreamed about Freddie all the time. Became a fan all over again in my adult years and it is better the second time around. My appreciation for their talent, their music, their hard work ~ everything about them, is even greater now. As a teen, I used to dream dream dream of how I was going to marry Freddie Mercury. I still love Freddie and have a beautiful tattoo of him on my right calf. I cannot pick one album as a favorite. When I listen to a Queen album, that is my favorite. However, I think Queen and Queen II are so special to me because that's when I fell in love.

My favorite Queen item I own:Cigarette case/wallet, lighter, framed portraits, vinyl records, ash tray, posters, magazines, books, Wembley halloween costume like Freddie's, mugs, Freddie action figure, CDs, DVDs, phone sock, bracelet, t-shirts galore, calendars galore, magnets, buttons, stash tins etc......

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