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Occupation: writer, journalist
Location: Spain
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About me: Cultural journalist and writer, fucked with the crisis.

Activities: The day I tried to live....is every day.

Interests Literature, cinema, travel, football, darts, music, tequila sunrise, Charlie Crew and his zen philosophy, Espanyol football team, Iniesta...who cares!

Favorite music: Rock, after punk, jazz, blues, trip hop, native tongue poses, bossa nova, etc...

Favorite movies:Blade Runner, Arrebato, the wings of desire, all classic hollywood cinema, wenders, all David Lynch...

Favorite TV shows: Twin Peaks, The Sopranos, Carnivale, The mentalist, Life, Hannibal, big bang theory...

Favorite books: Better said writers. Camus, Bukowski, Chester Himes, Cernuda, Cortázar, Baudelaire, Dennis Cooper, Barry Gifford, Don DeLillo, Shakespeare, Wayne Hussey...

Favorite quotes: see you in other life brother.


Favorite band member:Freddie Mercury

Favorite Album:Innuendo

Queen fan since:More than a feeling.

I became a Queen fan because:I'm the young of my brothers, so music was everywhere and Queen was my favorite band since I was a child. The moment I know they were my band, was Breakthru. I was 6 years old and the clip and music is so...well, you know.

My favorite Queen item I own:The Freddie Mercury Box Set, for sentimental reason.
Also...Queen at the bbc (Hollywood records) and Classic Queen for the same reasons. And favorite song My Melancholy Blues.

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